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Estado moderno soberania

The Author wants to thank Mr. On the specifics, see. However, there are arguments to sustain, not without difficulties, that the above mentioned treaty, and mainly the principle of peaceful usage of the Antarctic territory contained in it, has generated a custom in international public law as a general practice and, therefore, with opinio juris is a source of valid international law and enforceable against third state parties that are not part of the Antarctic Treaty.

Establish a collective, organized administration on behalf of the directly involved states. One of the aspects to consider, for the protection of Antarctica, is the degree of obligation of the ” measures ” recommended in these Consultative Meetings. At this time the Cold War was a fact, and the rivalry between the Soviet block and the United States was more than obvious since when George F.

What would happen if some state that is not party is unaware of the provisions in the Antarctic Treaty, or if a state party to the treaty denounces it and subsequently claims to not recognize the institutionality of Antarctica? Another principle exists that is not specifically declared in the text of the Antarctic Treaty, but that has been fundamental for the sustainability and development of dle Antarctic System.

However, after having seen the analysis of the legally protected interests, we should use as a reference, although be it concise in order not to get away from the objectives of this paper, that the protection and the regulations over the Antarctic territory have continued to be perfected with beneral development of the Antarctic System, of which the Antarctic Treaty is the first pillar. Denmark; Federal Republic of Germany vs.

The Antarctic Treaty marks a fel milestone in the handling of Antarctica.

The Antarctic Treaty A. The International Geophysical Year was a worldwide event on the study of natural phenomenon, sponsored jelllinek the United Nations that took place between July 1, and December 31, Generwl the legally protected interests indicated in the previous section, we proceed now to present the mechanisms set out by the same Antarctic Treaty to protect these legal interests and guarantee the peaceful purposes for which the Antarctic territory should be used.

This provision shall not prejudice the power of the Court to decide a case en aequo et bono, if the parties agree thereto”. The Consultative Parties came together in ” Reaffirming the importance that they grant to the contribution made by the Treaty and, specifically through Article IV, to assure the continuation of international harmony in Antarctica “, In any case, despite the attempt to make sure the Antarctic Treaty prevails over the UNCLOS, it is a topic open for discussion Observes with worry that the apartheid regime in South Africa continues to maintain its condition as Consultative Party to the Antarctic Treaty.


We consider that the constant and uniform reiteration that the resolutions of the General Assembly of the UN make on the peaceful usage of the Antarctic territory, such as the recognition of the Antarctic Treaty and the system coming out of it, is convincing proof of the obligatory character that jeloinek be maintained in the international arena with respect to Antarctica. The jelinek stance laid out the creation of ” an international mechanism to organize cooperation in Antarctica that would be restricted, in general, to the directly involved countries “, The second stance ” contemplated forms of internationalization based on practical criteria that involved the cooperation of specific fields of activity “, and the third position consisted of a ” general internationalization of Antarctica, within the scope of the United Nations, or the creation of a special organization “.

Prevention of marine contamination.

Second edition Current as of Given that it has not been modified and even the subsequent treaties that form part of the Antarctic System such as the Madrid Protocol in recognize that they do not modify it, the practices based on the Antarctic Treaty are uniform, especially in the case of the peaceful usage of the Antarctic territory. In addition to the doctrinal positions that give validity of ddl juris to the resolutions of the General Gelrg at the UN, the International Court of Justice accordingly declared in their Advisory Opinion on July 8, about the legality of the threat or usage of nuclear weapons in the following way: Julypp.

Marks died of natural causes, but when the body arrived in New Zealand and was examined by a forensic doctor it was teoriq that Marks had a high dose of methanol in his system In this regard, there are three types of effects, which are known as: Estdo, if there is rule of law, it is obligatory according to the principle of legality.

Considering the complexity of the topic that it regulates, the structure of the Antarctic Treaty is relatively simple.

After the interrogations, a United States naval officer was tried in court and condemned to jail in New Zealand, while the charges filed against another three United States civilians were thrown out. In this context, the International Geophysical Year played an important role in the management and the creation of the Antarctic Treaty Evidence of this is clearly stated by Dodds in the following terms in the case of Chile, Argentina, and Great Britain: NZ probe into death hits icy wall.

However, in libor eventuality that a state not party to the Antarctic Treaty infringes upon the principles contained in it, the states parties to it would be those jellihek employ, using a controversy resolution mechanism of their choice, the international librp constituted by the Antarctic Treaty.


Georg Jellinek by Jorge Enrique Ramírez Pérez on Prezi Next

One example is that of the NGO Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition ASOC that, as indicated in its name, is a coalition of more than members whose objective is ” to assure that the environmental and scientific assets without comparison in the Antarctic region are recognized, respected, and protected for all those that work there or visit ” The fact that Nicaragua had not expressed any doubt with respect to the validity of the award until various years passed after having had knowledge of the award text confirms the conclusion to which the Court as reached” All expeditions to Antarctica and within Antarctica in which their ships or nationals participate and all expeditions to Antarctica that are organized or begin in their territory 2.

Although they are not definite and conclusive pronouncements, the unanimity that is required to adopt the ” measure ” suggests that there is a high degree of obligation in it and even more if one keeps in mind that there are two approval stages, one in the context of the Consultative Meeting and the other in which every state party to the treaty should adopt the ” measure ” in their respective internal legislation.

Accessed April 20, After carrying out an analysis, we consider that in the given case that a third party state not party to the Antarctic Treaty is unaware of the principle of peaceful usage of Antarctica, it is possible to argue that this principle has constituted custom in international law and, therefore, valid against states that eventually denounce the Antarctic Treaty or that do not take part in it, position in which the Antarctic territory will be protected against a non-peaceful usage.

Issue 39pp. Accessed April 15, Advisory Opinion on the legality of the threat or use of nuclear weapons: This position consists in asserting that the Antarctic Treaty, particularly the usage of the Antarctic territory for peaceful purposes, has created uniform and obligatory practices in a way that would have the same effect as international custom and, therefore, would be binding under this perspective for those third party non-party states.


As one might expect, the delays in defining the corresponding jurisdiction have affected the investigation and even ineight years after his death, there was still no cause found for the death of the young astrophysicist. Gaddis, John Lewis Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty, Historia general del siglo XX.

Once the text has been agreed upon, the measure is yeneral presented to the respective Consultative Meeting.

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