Kadambari: Bana: great work, the prose romance Kadambari, is named for the heroine of the novel. The book describes the affairs of two sets of lovers through. “Bana is among the three most important prose writers in classical Sanskrit, all of whom Kadambari is a lyrical prose romance that narrates the love story of. The Kadambari Of Bana has 5 ratings and 1 review. Dirk said: In a word ornate. This 7th century novel was originally written in India in Sanskrit. It is.

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Thomas in this series ; and Professor Peter- eon’s Introduction to his edition of ‘ Kadambarl ‘ Bombay Sanskrit Series, 1H89 deals fully with Bana’s place in literature. Jloaven, WMiing earth trodd ;n hy him, no longcsr taken pride in being dwelt in by kadwmbari Severn KiHliin.

And methinks the earth, trampled by the weight of boundless hosts, recalls to-day the confusion of the battles of the Mahabharata.

Yea, blessed are those subjects who have thee for their protector, one like unto Bharata and Bhagiratha. What ails me that I cannot restrain myself? From him was born a son, Bilna, when the drops that rose from the fatigue of the soma sacrifice were wiped from his brow by the folded lotus hands of SarasvatI, and when the seven worlds had been illuminated by the rays of his glory. In my mind was this thought: Hence the shriek of a circle of peacocks! And so the expedition slowly started towards the Eastern Quarter.

Through its weight of years, it clings for support even to the shoulder of the wind ; it is girt with creepers that cover its whole trunk, and stand out like the thick veins of old age. Jun 14, Dirk rated it liked it. Do, therefore, what the time demands. For, owing to his long fall, he has hardly any life left ; his eyes are closed, and he ever falls on his face and pants violently, and opens his beak, nor can he hold up his neck. Like a creeper, she is ever a parasite. What is her name?

And’ why is this waist of thine bereft of the music of the girdle thou hast laid aside? I know not if this be fitting with bark garments, or seemly for matted locks, or meet for penance, or consonant with the teaching of holiness!

The Kadambari Of Bana

Before Candrapi ]a went Indrayudha, kadmbari by his groom, perfumed with saffron and many-hued, with the flash of golden trappings on his limbs. When her cares for her guest were over, she sat down on another rock, and after a short silence he told, at her request, the whole kadzmbari of his coming in pursuit of the pair of Kiniiaras, beginning with his expedition of conquest. Their necklaces were swinging with the shock ; the quarters of space were made tawny by showers of fragrant sandal-powder and salYron scattered from their limbs in their restlossnoss baa the boos arose in swarms from their garlands of mfilatl flowers, all quivering ; their cheeks were caressed by the lotuses in their ears, half hanging down ; their strings of pearls were trembling on their bosoms — each longed in his self-consciousness to pay his respects to the king as he departed.


Reclining on this couch, while a maiden, seated on the ground, having placed in her bosom the dagger she baa 16 wont to bear, gently rubbed his feet with a palm soft as the leaves of fresh lotuses, the king rested for a short time, and held converse on many a theme with the kings, ministers, and friends whose presence was meet for that hour.

On his arrival he sat akdambari a short time on a couch placed in the hall, and 78 then, together with his princely retinue, performed the day’s duties, beginning with bathing and ending with a banquet ; and meanwhile he arranged kadmbari Indrayudha should dwell in his own chamber. Having taken a pure white robe, so that he was like the glow of evening sunlight accompanied by the moon’s radiance, he rubbed liis hair with his hands till it shone, and, 71 followed by the band of ascetic youths, with their hair yet wet from recent bathing, he took me and went slowly towards the penance grove.

And as he rested there at bajaI crushed soft twigs of the sandal-trees hard by, and with its juice, naturally sweet and cold as ice, made a mark on his brow, and anointed him from head to foot. After a few days my lord will doubtloHs oxporionco the happinosH of beholding the lotuH-faco of a son ; for I, too, this night in a d: This shows that the reign of Harsha was one of religious tolerance.

On entering he saluted Qukanasa like a second father as he stood in the midst of thousands of kings, showhig him all respect, with his crest bent low even from afar. Her very beauty proclaims her a goddess. The good work I was doing has been begun in vain.

The Kadambari Of Bana by C.M. Ridding

For it is the law of our order to protect the weak. The fever of pride runs very high, and no cooling api liances can allay it.


For what is thy hope of happiness in such things as are honoured by the base, but blamed by the good? Day became earthy ; the quarters were modelled in clay ; the sky was, as it were, resolved in dust, and the whole universe appeared to consist of but one element.

He truly waters a poison tree under the idea of duty, or embraces the sword plant for a lotus-wreath, or lays hold on a black snake, taking it for a line of smoke of black aloes, or touches a burning coal for a jewel, or tries to pull out the club-like tunk of a wild elephant, thinking it a lotus-fibre ; he is a fool who places happiness in the pleasures of BeiiHO which end in sorrow.

HI Why should I say more? Glory long dwelt on the watered edge of his sword, as if to wash off the stain of contact with a thousand base chieftains, which had clung to her too long. The rays of her anklets, rising in flame-colour, seemed to encircle her as with the arms of Agni, as though, by his love for her beauty, he would purify the stain of her birth, and so set the Creator at naught.

The words of a guru, though pure, yet cause kadambadi pain when they enter the ears of the bad, as water does ; while in others they produce a nobler beauty, like the ear- jewel on an elephant.

A love story doubled and redoubled in rebirth, the romance was so influential that its title became the word for a novel in some modern Indian languages. For my life and my kingdom are wholly thine. His mother died while he was yet young, and his father’s tender care of him, recorded in the Harsha-Carita, was doubtless in his memory as he recorded the unselfish love of Vaisampayana’s father in ‘ Kadambari.

Zach is currently reading it Nov 19, Arise, therefore; let each perform his duties as is meet. Am I silent, or beginning to speak?

Do I weep or hold back my tears?

The story of Kadambari is interesting for several reasons. Banabhatta, its author, lived in the reign of Harshavardhana of Thanesar, the great king mentioned in many inscriptions, who extended his rule over the whole of Northern India, and from whose reign a.

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