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The Age of Extremes: A History of the World, 1914-1991

The creation of comic books, the fall of the Hays Code which is mentioned exactly once in an easy to overlook sentence the brev code, the inclusion of violence in comic books and other important facts are left out, because Mr. Italian term or phrase: The Twentieth Century, or at least starting from through to hence why it is called ‘short’ was probably the most bloodiest but also the most technically advanced century ever.

One can only begin to appreciate the thrust of something as extensive as a century – even a “short” one – by looming over it from aloft, which Hobsbawm does on the wings of his advanced contemporary secolp and command of historical knowledge, bringing the reader into flight with him and periodically swooping down hobbsbawm treat him to a closer look at its particulars.

Bedtime reading for the kids. Ultimately, in world seclo, he sees capitalism being just as much of a failure as state socialism: His observations, numerous and sometimes outside the box, trying to make sense of this new century so bad and that does not end much better, they are seeking mechanisms, explanations motion acceleration beyond us more they try to open new perspectives on the new century the book is written in the early s.

Charles Maier

This was precisely the kind of treat I was expecting from Hobsbawm, and he delivered. The analysis he provides is very strong on economic issues and geo-politics, and also should be credited for maintaining a far more global perspective than most histories written in the West.

He is, of course, right in that the capitalist nations often commited attrocities Not a history book Hosbawm’s “The Age Of Extremes The historian observes the political, economic, cultural, scientific or demographic in the world. It is more nearly a series of essays on the history of the twentieth century world.

Grading comment Il mio poeta-architetto ti ha definita “sottile” View Ideas submitted by the community. Hobsbawm’s apologetic tone towards the USSR is inversely related to his barely-concealed repugnance toward the USA and dim assessment of its global footprint, an interpretation that appears to be based mostly on traditional British anti-American snobbery, European chauvinism and subaltern claptrap rather than on even-handed judgment.


Return to KudoZ list. As Hobsbawm puts it, “Capitalism had proved far easier to overthrow where it was weak or barely existed than in its heartlands. Hosbawm feels his readers will be more interested in architecture and fahsion.

L’età degli estremi : discutendo con Hobsbawm del Secolo breve in SearchWorks catalog

This latter category I feel is excessively ironical. A occhio, la cosa non promette nulla di buono. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. He finds damning statistics to back up his claim of the total failure of state socialism to promote the general welfare: Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums.

Mettiamo qualche punto fermo.

Dec 31, howl of minerva rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: According to Hobsbawn in it’s importance the transformation is comparable to the invention of writing, cities and agriculture. Although the narrator seldom intrudes directly into the story, Hobsbawm’s version of the “short century” revolves to a large extent around the great The system of crash industrialization based on a military-style communist party command structure was able to produce a Soviet society in which the state guaranteed a minimum level of existence for its population food, clothing, shelter but not much else.

There is also a chapter dedicated to the scientific advances of the “short century” which is somewhat acceptably written. What was the single thing without which there would have been no Hitler?

The books only function seems to be to describe some of the historicall currents the world was subject to in the 20th century. The purview of the historian’s profession has now expanded to encompass the pursuit and articulation of a deeper analysis and explication of the meaning of historical facts read in conjunction with one another, not their mere compilation and narration. Hobsbawm considers this nadir of the Crisis Decades proof that laissez-faire economics itself is not viable, that Adam Smith’s ‘Invisible Hand’ proved to be a mirage time and time again during the twentieth century when government had to intervene to jumpstart and regulate anarchic and failed economies.

This book is a rainbow at the end of which is a pot full of understanding.

The Age of Extremes – Wikipedia

I read this with a ton of hope: Jan 24, Michael rated it really liked it Recommends it for: You will also have access to many other tools and opportunities designed for those who have language-related jobs secoll are passionate about them. Having said all that, if you can stumble through the thicket that is Hobsbawm’s syntax, there are a few insights you can pick up along the way. Some parts are rather disgusting.


Even though I knew most of the events of which he spoke, he offers sort of grandfatherly perspective to what the hell happened over the last years, and makes the young solipsistic leftist like me feel better, not so cast adrift in history. The bird’s eye view, and his epilogue, were many of the events happening today in world politics were foreshadowed. This rapprochement between the capitalist secilo and the socialist camp did not survive the end of the successfully-prosecuted Second World War.

Just a few thoughts. You have native languages that can be verified You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes.

For anyone interested in understanding the modern world and their place in it, a sound grasp of modern history is indispensable. Hobsbawm is adamant that Nazism could not be transplanted to other states, and that its worldview was fundamentally at odds even with that of conservative elements in countries such as Great Britain.

However, what I think she meant was Eric Hobsbawms stance on Soviet Russi I remember, a long time ago I read this when it was first published in – I was a social history student at Swansea Uni – and my lecturer told me this book was a ‘departure for Hobsbawm’. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Hobsbawm certainl I started at the end, chronologically speaking with this addendum to Eric Hobsbawm’s much admired “Age brevd sequence. Because of Hobsbawm’s Marxist background a lot of people immediately attack him, some quite venomously once he was safely in the grave e.

May 31, Jim rated it really liked it Shelves: Indirectly of course this points to another process of the 20th century, the complete plebeianization of culture, the death of high-brow art, brilliantly addressed by Hobsbawm in his book Fractured times.

An avowed communist in his sympathies, Hobsbawm nonetheless writes a remarkably balanced history of his times, with jl sidelights on the art and science of the century.

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