Solembum told Eragon that when all seemed lost and his power was insufficient, to speak his name to the Rock of Kuthian in order to open the Vault of Souls. Inheritance – Or The Vault Of Souls – Inheritance, Book Four [Christopher Inheritance Cycle 4-Book Trade Paperback Boxed Set (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr. tl;dnr:** The Eldunarí “influenced” Selena and Brom, Eragon’s parents, to fall in love, and for Selena to betray / turn on Morzan and.

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Arya was able to offer the pair little little information. Ergaon if the Vault of Souls truly is a collection of Eldunari… where did they all come from, and why were they kept together? Likewise, Morzan’s castle is warded heavily, and Morgan frequently battled against Brom and the Varden.

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Oromis revealed similar information to what Arya offered: Well, probably not much more than it did before. The Vault of Souls. Indeed, Brom helped found the Varden, gathering and merging various groups opposed to Galbatorix and the Broddring Empire. More specifically, I think that they “helped” him by not only helping him kill three of the Forsworn including, I assume, Morzanbut by influencing Selena to turn against Morzan, encourage her to fall in love with Brom, and for Selena to turn from being one of the Varden’s biggest enemies, to one of its greatest allies.

She also probably thought he was taking on a suicide mission, attempting to infiltrate Morzan’s castle by himself, or thought he was “just dumb” for doing so.

She also likely knew from the startor at least suspected, that the new “gardener” in Morzan’s castle was, of course, none other than Brom. Christopher Paolini is planning on writing a fifth book that’s already all planned out, but he wants to finish the series he’s working on currently. While interesting, one must always consider that a piece of history or information was included in a prior book as a reference or building block for future plotlines.

Which of the above theories do you find to be most accurate?


Because the plot demands it. However, instead of killing Brom herself, or alerting Morzan, Selena instead decides to talk to Soups.

Eragon thought to himself. Why do you think that neither Arya or Oromis could remember the Rock of Kuthian? We now know to expect big things from this mysterious Vault.


Let me just get this out of the way: Selena had intended to return to Morzan’s castle, having thf Eragon in the care of her brother and sister-in-law, but the journey took it’s toll on her health and she fell deathly ill. Could it be accurate?

Selena, after all, “earned a reputation as Morzan’s greatest weapon and most dangerous servant in the fight against his enemies the Varden “, “was also the most enigmatic of Morzan’s operatives, as little factual information was known about her during this period”; and “her reputation for cruelty and malice, as well as her position as Morzan’s favored agent, preceded her to such an extent that the Varden considered her especially dangerous”.

Selena encountered Brom in his guise as a gardener and the pair were drawn to each other.

Chapter Fifty-Four: The Vault of Souls: antishurtugal

Shes also strongly implied to be “cunning, ruthless, and coldly logical”. Their teacher, Oromis, considered separating them, but never did, despite Morzan’s cruelty. Other than her noted proficiencies as an assassin, what led you to believe than Selena was so aware of Brom?

Brom, having killed Morzan, recovered and hid Saphira’s egg where he knew the Varden would recover her, then traveled as fast as he could to Morzan’s castle, but for all his speed, he was too late: He eventually discovered a flaw in the wards protecting Morzan’s castle and infiltrated the castle in the guise of a gardener. It’s okay to dislike a theory but it’s not okay to dislike a person eragin they don’t agree with you, so please treat people with respect.

O, on the other hand, soulx “blinded by his passion and rage”, and had zero formal training as a spy himself. Umaroth even states outright, when Eragon asks, “Why didn’t you bring us here sooner? Additionally, I think that Brom becoming a gardener for Morzan was a hasty venture, likely done swiftly after Morzan had probably killed the previous gardener in a rage [or another reason], so Brom might not have had time to effectively prepare for his undercover mission.

Galbatorix, aside hte Morzan and Selena, was one of the few who knew about Murtagh’s birth. People shouldn’t have to leave the sub to know what your theory is, please include a write up about your idea. Eragon was one of few Solembum has ever chosen to communicate with, which Angela notes as being rare and special.

Selena, being the vualt person to Morzan, more likely than not also knew about Brom. The Elder suggested that Eragon search his collection of scrolls in hopes of discovering more information, though doubted he would find any mention of the Rock. Then, when all seems lost and your power is insufficient, go to the Rock of Kuthian and speak your name to open the Vault of Souls. Become a Etagon and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.


However, if this was done — how were Solembum and Eragon able to recall and discuss these names? Furthermore, the werecat was going into obvious trances! It’s also worth noting that Brom himself was once friends with Morzan, and trained alongside Morzan as a Dragon Rider.

Selena probably thought that Brom would never actually be able to get away with killing Morzan.

I also don’t think that, no matter how good his disguise, Brom could not out-fool Selena, who was the said to be one of the best spies and assassins in the land herself. We personally enjoy three key theories, each of which attempts to explain or understand the Rock of Kuthian and the Vault of Souls in their own unique way. From what we know, Brom’s plan for Selena was one of the biggest – if not the biggest – turning points in his life, after losing his dragon.

But that’s not all. To answer your question, it fits much better with how Paolini describes Selena’s character, as opposed to her not suspecting anything, or being wholly ignorant. Planned for tentatively. P never really had any interest in reading HoO. Neither of them was aware of Selena’s pregnancy, or that she had returned to Morzan’s castle a fortnight earlier.

I think that they “nudged” and used “whispered suggestions” to influence Selena to, slowly, turn against Morzan and Galbatorix, and become more sympathetic to the Varden’s cause. That having been said, it does nothing to cast doubt on the rest of your theory.

Up until that point, Galbatorix had attempted to get the three dragon eggs to hatch, to produce Riders who would be loyal to him, and join him.

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