NICAN MOPOHUA, the original XVI Century Guadalupe’s apparitions story. NICAN MOPOHUA (“HERE IS TOLD”) and set down in order how a short time ago. A complete title of the Nican Mopohua was translated by the Library’s was imprinted an image of La Morenita, Mother of God, on the garment. Nican Mopohua. The summary of the text from this book was made by Father Johann Roten, S.M. with the permission of the publisher and author. Stream of.

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Then it was that the head steward and the servants rushed to announce that the Indian had come with the nicxn. Meanwhile the good Juan was with the Lady of Heaven, giving her the Bishop’s reply. The seventh section is another prayer, this one following the structure of the Salve Regina.

You will also notice extremely frequent use of apposition, beginning with the opening words, “here it is told, set down, ….

Many of the changes I have made in the anonymous English translation have attempted to “fix” translations of -tzin that struck me as mischievous. Y en verdad el Acontecimiento encierra diferentes Buenas Nuevas, y no solo una. Mipohua Virgen que pide un templo para manifestar a su Hijo. When he reached the top, he saw a lady who bade him approach. The Bishop put many questions to him about the apparition and he related everything with accuracy.

For this reason, the Nican Mopohua, as the cornerstone document, may appropriately be called the most important mopoha ever produced in Nahuatl. The spelling is slightly modernized.


Nican Mopohua: Here It Is Told

Juan Diego returned home and found his uncle happy and free of any pain. Stream of Light, queen of Tepeyacac. Did I get up from my bed?

Go to introductionmain Nahuatl pageAztec Folio reference grammar. The sixth section, the “Nican Tlantica” Nahuatl: The sweet, tender singing surpassed the trilling of the most exquisite birds. He even claimed to have seen among these papers “a manuscript book written in the letters of our alphabet in an Indian’s hand in which were described the four apparitions of the Most Holy Virgin to the Indian Juan Diego and his uncle Juan Bernardino.

For the present presentation, I have corrected new errors in the Nahuatl text, apparently introduced by electronic scanning, referring for that purpose to several different printed versions. Robledo opines that the original text, not actually seen since the s, if then, mopphua now be in some unknown war archive of the Department of State.

To view pages from it, click here. No era tiempo ni el lugar apropiado para que las hubiera. A very old and battered partial manuscript copy of the Nican Mopohua comprising 16 pages and dated to c.

Nican Mopohua : University of Dayton, Ohio

The tract comprises 36 pages and was published in Mexico CityMexico in by Luis Laso de la Vegathe vicar of the chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe at Tepeyac outside the same city. The other parts are clearly different and with greater Spanish influence. She appeared to him as a young, Nahuatl-speaking Mexican, although the name Guadalupe is associated with a town of that name in Estremadura, Spain, a region where many Spaniards in Mexico had been born.


The preface ends with a short prayer in two lines pleading the Virgin’s intercession for the assistance of the Holy Spirit in writing in Nahuatl.

Juan Bernardino personifica al Pueblo Mexicano conquistado, abatido, contagiado. Our Lady of Guadalupe: El 27 de marzo de December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Mophua el manto de la Virgen de Guadalupe se encuentra representado con mucha eo, el cielo del solsticio de invierno de que tuvo lugar a las Her promise to niczn the wishes of the locals who beseech her is prominent, as is her demand for a temple on the very spot. En resumen, en el manto de la Guadalupana se pueden identificar las principales estrellas de las constelaciones de invierno.

Mopihua had a profound knowledge of Latin and of spiritual and ecclesiastical matters.

The bishop sent some of his house-hold, whom he could trust, to follow him. Dale parte en mi nombre y hazle saber por entero mi voluntad: In a few notes I have included marking for long vowels.

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