COFRASTRA – composite floors are load bearing flooring systems made of steel profiles, reinforcements and concrete poured on site. Cofrastra 56 · Cofraplus. Cofrastra offer; Cofraplus offer; Cofradal offer capacity are also the primary advantages of the COFRASTRA composite flooring systems. Cofrastra Trapezoidal profiles · Sinusoidal profiles · Functional & aesthetic flashings · Multibeam · Composite floors. Cofrastra & Cofraplus · Accessories · Cofraplus

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Werner Car park hypermarket Architect: The glazed atrium is conceived as a vertical city with interchange and connecting platforms, as well as bridges, creating the impression of urban streets and squares. The number of alternatives that can be considered is limited by the effort required to assess each design.

Pre-punched for shear studs. Find your solution in our Cofradal offer: These systems allow for simple transport, storage, and implementation as a result of the trapezoidal open ribs. Find your solution in our Cofrastra offer: Downstream Solutions Construction Germany. References with composite floors.

COFRASTA Verbunddecken Profil – Profilverkauf Gehrmann

The lack of an cofrawtra cavity optimises safety on site Well organised building sites Several storeys of floor can be prepared in advance. Cofra5 is an easy-to-use tool to check the technical feasibility of a composite floor design — rapidly and completely. Home Product selector Floors. Find your solution in our Cofraplus offer: The profiles serve as formwork as well as reinforcements.

Downstream Solutions Construction Arval International. ArcelorMittal provides sections, decking — and their expertise in steel construction! Advantages — Ready to install flooring with cpfrastra supplied elements — Fitting elements delivered from the factory — Form work and reinforcement works are largely unnecessary — Job-mixed concrete only to grout joints — Self-supporting spans up to 7. The entrance building creates the functional and visual link between the office tower and the market hall.


Cofra5 Designsoftware More information: These platforms divide the atrium into three sections of varying heights between 45 m and 60 m. The combination of steel and concrete, created using special rib and stud forms, provides substantial savings over the laying of floors of equal performance using traditional solutions and is also a quicker and completely safe implementation.

The composite effect with the 5 profiles is achieved thanks to its undercut shape and the open ribs. All the systems combine mechanical strength, ease of installation, safety,and compatibility with the structures and networks.

A combination of visionary aesthetics and highest functionality, this mixed use high-rise building will symbolize modern life and engineering excellence.

By being web-based the software guarantees compatibility with any IT-system and ensures that the latest version is always available for use. In February the 27th floor was finished, which meant halftime for the construction. The steel profile serves as a formwork without further assembly support.

Cofra5 allows more options to be assessed early in the project. Cofra5 makes it easy to propose alternatives to traditional floor structures quickly and reliably, thereby allowing the evaluation of the technical feasibility of such alternatives in the early stages of a project.

The highrise building consists of 2 polygonal office towers connected cofrsstra an atrium The north tower has 45 floors, the south tower Fire Resistance Solutions by Performance. Cofra5 covers both the static analysis of the construction stage of the project as well as the final behaviour of the composite system in use. The classic advantages of compositebuilding, such as higher industrial prefabrication, high flexibility of use, short building times and high load carrying capacity are also the primary advantages of the COFRASTRA composite flooring systems.


Combination with different types of structural materials possible: For mixed steel-concrete floors, sequential pouring over several storeys can be designed for installation without props. Pre-punched for shear studs Max. Designed as an intelligent building, micro wind turbines and solar panels will generate at least a part of the energy the building will consume.

By closing this message, you consent to our cookies on this device in accordance with our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. A safe working platform The steel floor is ready to use cofrasfra can be walked on as soon as it is fixed.

The adjusted combination of the materials steel and concrete presents numerous advantages for economical and efficient construction with high aesthetic requirements.

Several Arval steel floor families are available to meet every type of need.

Their acoustic and thermal functions are optimised through an innovative combination of various materials: Cofra5 is a web-based design software to facilitate the design of lightweight composite floor solutions.

For the balconies and connecting platforms Cofrastra steel deck by ArcelorMittal Germany is used.

COFRASTRA profiles for composite floor profiles

Suspended ceilings and technical equipment can be easily installed thanks to the Cofrafix clip systemwhich can be introduced manually into the steel profile ribs avoiding noisy drilling. Legend Product El 60min. Commercial buildings Sports buildings Public buildings Industrial buildings Storage buildings Agricultural buildings.

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