Browse through Abdellatif Laâbi’s poems and quotes. 12 poems of Abdellatif Laâbi. Still I Rise, The Road Not Taken, If You Forget Me, Dreams, Stopping By. Abdellatif Laâbi // Author, Poet // Abdellatif Laâbi is a Moroccan poet, born in in Fès, Morocco. Laâbi founded with other poets the artistic journal Souffles in. Abdellatif Laâbi is a poet, novelist, playwright, translator and political activist. He was born in Fez, Morocco in In the s, Laâbi was the founding editor.

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As for the cuisine, I make Moroccan food myself here, French and international as well. You see how we absurdly mix French and Arabic. In North Africa, because of the French colonial presence, there were three generations of Algerian, Tunisian, and Moroccan writers who wrote in French.

A few more questions to finish up: There is a golden rule that has long nourished my thought, my reflection and my action, that of the Italian Antonio Gramsci. One of the concerns of The Bottom of the Jar is a linguistic concern. Ananthamurthy and the Rite of Writing U. Also perhaps just an acquired deformation abdellstif you are always on the look-out, with a abdellatof of always being followed, totally alert, watching for the smallest gesture, the least word which might be a prey for the eyes and ears in the walls.

What must be done with these writers is to see how the different linguistic registers are molded into their writing.

How do Moroccan men or women function from the inside: No, not at all. But you have also just stated that Darija and Amazigh need to be developed. In The Aabdellatif of the Jar, I recount several years of my childhood, from the age of 7 or 8 until the struggle for Moroccan independence in and There is the idea of a democratic project, but, for me, the cornerstone of that democratic project is a genuine revolution labi our educational system.


School is where we form citizens, where we form democrats, individuals attached to democracy, to human rights, to humanist values that guard them against intolerance and extremism.

The Abdellatif Laâbi Interview

Christopher Schaefer is a writer and translator living in Paris. It was Mostafa Nissaboury more than anyone else who accompanied the review the longest—almost to its very end. My mother worked for us her entire life.

Personally I believe the question has become a little absurd. I compiled an anthology of Moroccan poetry about ten years ago that comprised texts by 50 Moroccan poets.

You just have to come up to someone smiling for everything to go well. So they all arrived with a diverse set of perspectives and skill sets, and, furthermore, they were on that same quest for modernity that we poets were on.

George, The world’s embrace: But for me today, the political class as it exists is no longer capable of leading the fight for genuine democracy. We might say, a denunciation of the world today that is mixed into declarations of a world that is to come. We must prepare them so that they can become languages where we express ourselves, we have the same means as someone who uses Spanish, Italian, and English.

The Reign of Barbarism: Abdellatif Laabi’s Prison Poems

There has been a long tradition of Westerners visiting Morocco and writing it. Did he return to Algeria? What is it that animates them and outrages them? For me though, my mother tongue is the same language used in media and in education.

I understand that well.

Witness by Mario Benedetti For the casual reader of Latin American poetry, what a pleasure and privilege it is to be intro My father was a simple craftsman who worked his entire life. So I suppose that their ancestors belonged to what we call the Moriscos, who were chased out of Spain at the end of the 16 th century and beginning of the 17 th.

It is a poetry that is political in the end, a poetry of combat. You, who have lived in Morocco for a long time, have no doubt remarked that the political class, the mixture of tendencies—right and left—has mastered the lexicon of democracy, of transparency, of good governance, of human rights, etc.


In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

I spoke English well until my abdellatir school graduation. Refresh and try again. Morocco is a very young country when it comes to literature. On September 18, he wrote his wife, Jocelyne, to declare that.

That right there is the real issue. Literary theory Critics Literary Prizes. Instead of telling ourselves, okay, we have to prepare these languages, first the three national languages I already mentioned Darija, Classical Arabic and Amazigh. The passage of time, of waiting, is becoming relative in a certain sense. We worked together to see how what we both wrote could communicate, and we did a show together.

Abdellatif Laabi

Now you seem to be taking a more hands-on approach, publishing full-length books and launching an organization. What pushed me to write? Consequently, I want to keep a little window open for hope.

I personally assert the right of intellectuals to have opinions about politics and to defend them, without being inserted in a political party or in some sort of organization. Even if I sometimes become disheartened, I cannot lower my arms because my word carries a certain weight in Morocco.

And that reminds me personally of other moments in time where feminist poetry, for example, emerged to defend the female identity and to fight against the oppression of abdellqtif.

Did he fight in the Algerian war of independence? What are their dreams? Personally, I think that in Morocco we are not yet in democracy.

Abdsllatif in Fez inhe co-founded the poetry review Souffles in What is your opinion of Moroccan rappers?

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