Buy a cheap copy of L’odore dei soldi book by Marco Travaglio. L’odore dei soldi. Origini e misteri delle fortune di Silvio Berlusconi (Primo piano) Paperback. L’odore dei soldi. Origini e misteri delle fortune di Silvio Berlusconi by Travaglio Marco Veltri Elio at – ISBN – ISBN previo accertamento della illiceità del libro dal titolo “L’odore dei soldi – Origini e fortune di Silvio Berlusconi”, autori Veltri e Travaglio, al risarcimento dei danni .

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In the other countries there are laws which protect institutions from falling into the hands of such a character. Then tell your friends: Recently he has even received an award for free press from the association of German journalists, the DJV.

Ever since then Travaglio is seen as a symbol of freedom of speech and free press. Read their blog here.

Three questions to the Italian journalist who dared to ask. The author is this article is a member of the cafebabel. Do you think the European institutions and parliament, in the run up to the elections can help improve the situation in Italy?

L’odore Dei Soldi by Elio Veltri and Marco Travaglio (, Book) | eBay

Translated from Marco Travaglio: If such a media giant wanted to enter into politics, he would have to give up his previous businesses.


Cavaliere, dove ha preso i soldi?

The reaction to the programme was immediate. There is however still a small space for free press in the newspapers.

L’odore Dei Soldi by Elio Veltri and Marco Travaglio (2009, Book)

Plus, as a rule whoever commits a crime, even a politician is immediately brought before the law courts. Travaglio continually and publicly exposes Italian politicians, particularly Berlusconi, who try to influence the media accordingly to their own agenda thus preventing access to non-biased information.

The then-host of the programme, comedian Daniele Luttazzi, was fired. Complaints of exposure and cries for libel action amounting to millions of euros rained down from Berlusconi who owns and associates on both. Once both were acquitted and the charges archived, the legal battle was concluded in They have forgiven him a lot already. Marco Travaglio is an Italian journalist who shot to newspaper fame oxore, two months before the general elections inhe was invited on the Satyricon television programme as a guest, to mark the release of a book he co-wrote with fellow journalit Elio Veltri.

If we fail to do our duty regarding public spending maybe the EP can give us a slap on the wrists, but if we violate the most basic laws on competition in the market place, free press or internal democracy, the European parliament considered that our business.


It is more difficult for this type of model to be adopted in Europe than in Italy. This means selling his newspaper and television channels and cashing in his assets.

L’odore Dei Soldi by Elio Veltri and Marco Travaglio (2001, Book)

The programme was provisionally cancelled. The result of all this is a means to power that know no bounds which transforms democracy zoldi a regime that could become authoritarian; a raw authoritarianism.

They defined him as a ‘courageous and alert colleague who works hard and against all obstacles to defend the right to free press in Italy’. In Italy free press exists on paper but that the reality is very different.

His criticisms also try to encourage his Italian colleagues not to censor their own work and not to let themselves be xoldi by those in power.

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