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For the ‘Rarely or never’ answer, Italy’s score is lower than the European Union score. No specific provisions exist as to the implementation of an equal pay structure; the whole issue is regulated by the provision against discrimination in whatever form it may occur. In addition, the decree on work—life balance Legislative Decree 15 JuneNo. Two requirements shall exist for a strike to be considered lawful: Data covers only employees of enterprises in the Industry and Services sectors.

In some specific cases, additional months are envisaged. Work duration and its regulation in the EU Overtime regulation Unless differently provided for by NCBAs, overtime work should be used sparingly and when exceptional technical or production-related circumstances occur. In recent months, the parties concerned have shifted from informal discussions to the implementation phase.

Even though TU is not applicable to SMEs, it may trigger, in coming years, several changes within the evolving Italian industrial relations system. Skills, learning and employability Skills are the passport to employment; the better skilled an individual, the more employable they are. This is also higher than the EU28 average of 2. Eurofound strives to strengthen the ongoing link between its own work and national policy debates and priorities related to quality of life and work.


A further factor is the thriving of interorganisational innovations, particularly in the field of SME associations paritarian institutions providing their members with welfare and services. The National comparisons visualisation presents a comparative overview for the values of all answers between two selected countries.

In terms of setting pay, the most important level is, without any doubt, the sectoral one. In any case, the duration of the weekly working time cannot exceed 48 hours per week, including any overtime hours.

In greater detail, employers would be entitled to ask employees working under a horizontal part-time arrangement a contract reducing daily working hours to perform, within the limits established by NCBAs, the working hours exceeding the weekly hours settled by the individual contract, upon payment of additional remuneration.

Starting in JanuaryJAS slightly modified the regulation. From the beginning of the pregnancy until the child is one year old, the employee cannot be dismissed unless: These institutions have become increasingly important in recent years. The Social Exclusion Index has somewhat deteriorated from 2. The operational branch of ANPAL will be made up of public employment services PES tasked with promoting training and work experience, providing job-seekers with basic and specialised guidance, as well as with support in job searches.

The European Semester European Commission: Social partners involvement in unemployment benefit regimes Entitlements and obligations Parental, maternity, and paternity leave Pursuant to Act no. Therefore, equality is one of the fundamental principles of the whole Italian legal system.

Living and working in Italy

In any other case of dismissal, the notice period provided for by the applicable NCBA, or the indemnity in lieu of notice applies. The new system will concern not only workers excluding managers employed under indefinite contracts, but also: The Italian legislation promotes the employment of people with disabilities through compulsory hiring assunzioni obbligatorie Act no.

Collective bargaining Bargaining system In Italy, NCBAs are legally binding only upon employers and employees belonging to the organisations that have signed them, or that choose to adopt them. However, these agreements apply only to enterprises and workers who are members of bargaining social partners.


This change is apparent from the high number of agreements and protocols concluded between the parties, including the renewal of public-sector employment contracts and consensus achieved on the need to reform the pension system. I have found it difficult to concentrate at work because of my family responsibilities.

Orario contrattuale, ferie e altre riduzioni orarie – dipendenti a tempo pieno

These unions can form Company Works Councils Rappresentanze sindacali aziendaliRSAwhich consist of union delegates in companies with more than 15 employees, in the industry or trade sector. The dismissal of executives must be communicated in writing. Similar provisions are being bargained in the framework of the renewal of the NCBA applicable to executives in the trade sector.

This information is largely comparative, but also offers country-specific information for each of the 28 EU Member States. Training The main public institutions that have to be taken into consideration when talking about training are the Regions.

Relationships between employers and employees are regulated in considerable detail by Italian law and — where applicable — by the relevant National Collective Bargaining Agreement NCBAwhich leaves only a few matters to be settled by individual negotiations and agreements. djstribuzione

You are here Home Country Living and working in Italy. Currently, this rule has not yet been applied. Decentralised bargaining may be implemented at provincial or local level too, as set out in the agriculture, construction, and craft sectors.

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