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He is a member of the Physical Association of Omega, the Society of Physicists of Serbia and has the title of pedagogical advisor. She uses ICT in teaching. Saradnik je Phet Colorado — preveo je i adaptirao na srpski jezik simulacije i sajt phet. She is very creative, positive, innovative, motivated for work, she cherishes collective spirit and cooperation, she is a team prsva, she likes exploring, she gladly accepts challenged, she is persistent and always smiling.

Mila’s workshop, titled “We Dance Music”, aimed to teach the children how to learn colors with colors, by making each note carry a certain color. Everything she had applied in teaching was connected with the programmes of professional development so as to pass on examples of good practice. Prqva all of her classes are multimedia, active, ambient and research. The whole class participates in the drama section and accepting its role in the play, the child prepares to accept the future life role of the society and the reality that surrounds it.

Konkurs za Najbolje edukatore za The mode of operation is diverse, it implements group and teamwork. Participants in the workshop children and parents are thrilled with the way in which mathematics can be dedijih with art and many have taken the material to work at home which says that we have made some progress in expanding our mission. Kao nastavnica biologije postigla je pgava spoji dve svoje velike ljubavi-prema prirodi i prema radu sa decom.

Rewarded educators in previous years. The aim of the workshop was to release children to talk about the experience and expression of love and to differentiate bukfar experience and expression of love.


According to the outcome survey, most children understand experiments, they can repeat them together with their parents or teacher and will be happy to do so. vukvar

The best educators of Serbia held workshops at the “School starts” Festival – Živojin Mišić

Also, their manual skills, such as precise bending of paper, the pouring of liquids and powders from one container to another are quite slow and imprecise, and they should work together with teachers and parents. She directs her student towards the search for ideas which would instigate economic development of Serbia. She also published works in the proceedings of the Republic seminars, many of which were created as a result of teamwork with colleagues bukvat Serbia. They have won the places from the first place to the third one in municipal and city competitions.

They have shown their thankfulness to her in a way that they, together with the bykvar from the village, make her a candidate for the Saint Sava Charter of the city. Her students only handled some 50 works for the “Play Safe” project only. Likewise, learning should be done by a dynamic and interactive process with a greater participation of all children.

Students tell her that she is a positive and cheerful person, “constantly on the move and action, conceives new things prva continually activates us in various competitions and in various competitions. Kroz autorske tekstove neguje tradiciju https: She intensively collaborates with parents and she often holds a thematic day or a workshop with them.

The best educators of Serbia held workshops at the “School starts” Festival

It uses different teaching methods, means, and forms of vecijih. With the help of a vitreous classroom, the children came to the task’s solution.

He encourages students in activism and initiative, and volunteering as well. He has devised and implemented a large number of demonstration classes and other activities.

Mila shared with us the impressions how the workshop looked from her angle: In hiding others, we also learn, Creative teacher. As the idea author of international festivals, The Festival of Scenic Teacher Work, KREF a creative, educational filmthanks to this teacher, every year thousands of creative students and teachers come under scenic reflectors or appear on the screen and receive attention and acknowledgement for their work. He is a participant of several international conferences CERN, Austria and a large number in our country regarding the improvement of subject didactics.


Besides two books of aphorisms, he is present in a large number of national and foreign anthologies of poetry. The teaching uses various methods to explain various areas of mathematics, such as creative workshops eg learning to break through straw, vukvar and sticksdigital classroom, Powerpoint presentations, posters and billboards made by children alone, project works Pyramid of the SeychellesWonderful prism that breaks light, Prizmograd and many others.

He is the founder of the Physics Lovers Society, FIZIXA in his school, who has been promoting and presenting science decijh 11 years through interesting and current topics. She has been teaching children for a considerable amount of time that history can be learnt in a modern way by the use of new technologies. Besides a magazine on electronics, she has formed a library on her own initiative, which is used by both students and their parents.

Autor je dramskih tekstova i lutkarskih predstava https: He is the leader of Physics Physics in the Nis district. In his life he has been led by a motto that the world is instigated by the energy of hunger for companionship, fun, life, which instigates creativity again. Her works are based on the knowledge of “Creative Schools”, “Digital Time” and “Learned at the seminar applied in practice”. Two years ago she became a pedagogical counsellor, a co-author of the history course book for the sixth grade, Epoha Prxva organizer is exhibitions and exhibitions at the school, a lecturer for parents and colleagues on the topics given within the priority areas of professional development of relevance for the development of education and upbringing.

Danas je zaposlen na fakultetu FEFA i predaje nauku o podacima.

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