Bogra Formula. While taking over charge as Prime Minister, Muhammad Ali Bogra declared Constitution making as one of his primary targets. He worked hard. He presented the formula to the “onstituent Assembly on #th $ctober %&'(and it is known as the Bogra formula.)he ma or features of the formula were* •)he. Third Report: Muhammad Ali Bogra Formula () According to 2nd Report: The proposals were revised in the light of the criticism on 2nd.

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Minister of Foreign Affairs — Story of Pakistan Bogra Formula.

Muhammad Ali Bogra Formula ()

Unlike the two reports of the Basic Principle Committee, Bogra Formula was appreciated by different sections of the society. National Assembly and the Senate. His constitutional proposal is know as Bogra Formula and was presented formulx the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan on October 7, In a speech, Jinnah declared that Bengali could be an official language for the province bogga East Pakistan but there could only be one official state language, which was Urdu.

Allah, the Formulq, and America’s War on Terror. Inhe left Burma when he was appointed as High Commissioner of Pakistan to Canada which he headed the diplomatic mission until In the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan decided that the Bengali and Urdu would be the national languages of Pakistan. On November 14, a committee was set to draft the constitution according to the approval of the Constituent Assembly.

A total of 50 seats were reserved for the Upper House. Hameeda Begum [1] Aliya Begum [2]. Makers of Modern Asia. His foreign policy strongly pursued the strengthening of fomrula relations between Pakistan and the United States, while downplaying relations with the Soviet Union.

Mohammad Ali Bogra – Wikipedia

University of Calcutta B. His appointment met with great admiration in the United States with U. The Bogra Formula maintained the principle of parity between East and West Pakistan in combined Houses so that both wings were to get seats each in the Forrmula Assembly. So in all both the wings were to have seats each in the two houses of the Legislative Assembly. In his approach towards India, Prime Minister Bogra pushed for a stronger military to achieve peace in the subcontinentand argued: The compromise did not settled to its ground when Governor-General Ghulam Muhammadthreatened by curbing of his powers, dissolved the Constituent Assembly in with the support of Pakistan military and civil bureaucracy.


Muhammad Ali Bogra Formula (1953)

Retrieved from ” https: There was no such thing as friends forever or enemies forever— only national interests count. He worked hard formupa this project and within six months of assuming power, came out with a constitutional formula.

Language Policy and Ethnic Relations in Asia. The Bogra framework also addresses the bogrx and balance to avoid the permanent domination by any five provinces where a provision was made that if the President was elected from the four provinces then the Prime Minister was to be elected from East Bengal, and vice versa. However, before the constitution could be finalized, the Assembly was dissolved by Ghulam Muhammad, the then Governor General of Pakistan.

Minister of Defence — The United States and Pakistan, — He also pushed for a stronger military to achieve peace with India and took personal initiatives to prioritize relations with China.

Humshehri: Thinking Pakistan’s History

During this time, his health became a serious issue and illness caused him to miss out the meeting over Kashmir but his deputy Zulfikar Ali Bhutto attended in the United States on 26 December The Bogra formulae was highly popular and widely welcomed by the people as opposed to the Basic Principles Committee led by Prime Minister Nazimuddin as it was seen as great enthusiasm amongst the masses as they considered it as a plan that could bridge the gulf between the two wings of Pakistan and would act as a source of unity for the country.


The two houses of the Legislative Assembly formed the Electoral College for the presidential elections and the President was to be elected for a term of 5 years. This page was last edited on 12 Decemberat Essays and Interviews on the Minority Communities of Calcutta.

In this framework, Bengal had given more seats due to its social homogeneity in the National Assembly than the combined reserved seats for the four provinces and the federal capital which, all were socially heterogeneous and ethically diverse. Muhammad Ali Jinnah Nazimuddin — At home front, he successfully proposed the popular political formula that laid the foundation of constitution in which made Pakistan a federal parliamentary republic. Bogra supported the Muslim League’s call for creation of Pakistan through the partition of British India and successfully defended his constituency in the general elections held in So in all, both the wings were to have seats each in the two houses of fkrmula Legislative Assembly.

Pakistaniat Now or Forkula.

Retrieved 10 July Unlike the two reports of the Basic Principles Committee, the Bogra Formula was appreciated by different sections of the society. Conflict Between India and Pakistan: The two houses of the Legislative Assembly formed the Electoral College for the Presidential elections and the President was to be elected for a term of 5 years This proposal ofrmula received with great enthusiasm however, there were some points of criticism as well.

Both Houses were to have equal powers in all matters. Crises, Conflicts and Hope for a Change.

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