Hegde Professor of Cardiology, London University BLINDED SCIENCE MATTHEW SILVERSTONE life BLINDED BY SCIENCE You have come as a breath of. Blinded by Science by Matthew Silverstone, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. About the author. Matthew Silverstone is a serial entrepreneur. He has a degree in economics and a masters degree in international business. He was as one of.

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But most importantly it forces you to take a look at your own health and ways you may improve it which you may not have previously known. The waves scjence off are thus electromagnetic in origin, by virtue of the nature of the circuits.

Where in nature is there laminar flow in concentric circles? That recovery made Matthew start asking questions about how was it all possible, why didn’t the doctors know about this solution and was there any scientific studies that could help him to understand the process by which it all worked. Please log in or register to order the book! It was clearly one of the fundamental parts of his apparatus, one that he observed in 66 WATER nature: The prostate cancer trial is, at the time of writing, currently being conducted, and it will take at least 5 years before the technique might be fully used.

This is very sad. Let me put this into some scientific perspective. He would occasionally talk to me and let me know how bad the situation had become and that the doctors had no cure. Was it really possible that a tree could in any way affect our physical well- being? The piece of the puzzle that seems to have been ignored for so long is this simple fact – that everything vibrates. As there was nobody there to answer his questions he started to look for the answers himself in the British Library.

Also, I have not dismissed research conducted more than twenty or thirty years or so ago, as often happens.

Sckence found that if he vibrated a plate at a specific frequency and amplitude, the shapes and motion patterns characteristic of that vibration appeared in the material on the plate. If blood is flowing in a natural vortex and comes across an intrusion, how will the blood behave, bkinded what consequences does this have for our health?


Refresh and try again. These emotional vibrations are somehow produced by our bodies and are transmitted so that any other living organisms that gy capable of absorbing them may do so. It could result in many heart and blood problems being cured simply by utilising electrical stimulation. With modern medicine and doctors unable to provide the answers and after exhausting most alternative treatments, his son was eventually cured by an energy healer.

Blinded By Science Matthew Silverstone

As far as they are concerned, it does not matter why as long as it produces a better quality of wine. Traditional science suggests that we get our energy only from our food, but this seems patently wrong.

Since then numerous other researchers have also shown that water reacts in this way. As scienc voice is raised or lowered, the patterns change, so that an exact visual representation of our voices can be made matthee a table full of sand.

All of these processes are interlinked: How do I know if I’ll be in the book? This is a really important point, as I am sure most of us assume that any change is slow, but that is a bad reflection on how we perceive our body.

Two historically very popular drugs – aspirin and quinine an antimalarial agent – come from the bark of a tree. Firstly, the water has to be spun in one direction for half an hour fast enough to create a vortex like water going down a plug holeand then for another half an hour the water is spun in the other direction, creating another vortex or whirlpool. When you think about this, it is not very surprising, yet I had not thought about this possibility at all. Much of the time, however, it is just a question of luck whether they find the answer in the first test or the last, or even at all.


Having attempted and failed to make his millions before he was 25 he decided to work within less glamorous sectors of business and developed successful companies within the cleaning, building, property development, childcare and transport sectors.

Blinded by Science Matthew Silverstone 0956865607

How would you feel if I were to tell you that the moon can affect your lymphatic glands because of water, or that the person next to you can affect your mood because the water in your body picks up 56 WATER their vibrational waves? On the right of the diagram above is a cross-section of this flow, and it suggests that the blood flows in concentric circles. In researching this book, I expected that science would operate on the basis of change, one piece of science helping to build up another piece of science so that each bit led to an advancement of knowledge along the road.

All over the world there is a big problem these days, bees are disappearing.

Blinded By Science Matthew Silverstone

So it is very clear that water is affected by vibrations. At first, Professor Popel refused to work with Schauberger as his claims went against the known laws of mechanics, but the Minister insisted he carried out the experiments, allegedly because he wanted to finally discredit all of Schauberger’s ideas.

Electrical treatment was not, however, put to modern use until the s, and today it is still sjlverstone completely accepted and used as a primary treatment. Thanks for doing this Matthew!

Such a good read He kept on telling me that life was at a standstill for him, all of his energy went into looking b his son. A Scottish surgeon had discovered that the spiral flow was significant in the success rate of operations replacing damaged artery walls in the knee area.

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